Get to Know Lola Remedios

Lola Remedios®. A Lola’s wisdom and love brought together in one Lamig remedy.



Close family ties and respect for elders are values deeply rooted in the Filipino culture. As such,
grandparents hold a very important role in Filipino households: our reliable source of wise and

practical information and advice.


Lola Remedios® knows that for Lamig, the just-right remedy would be the perfect blend of traditional,
all-natural ingredients that are effective in giving immediate soothing relief from one’s “mabigat na
pakiramdam” and safe for one’s health.


Lola Remedios® can be trusted because like our Lolas, it offers what’s just-right for us —
never insufficient, never too much, never harmful.


When we get too caught up supporting and providing for our families; it is normal to grow tired and
weary.  In times like these, who cares for those busy taking care of their loved ones? Our Lolas!

Lola Remedios® cares for the whole family’s well-being that’s why she makes sure that she’s able
to provide the best protection she can give, even when she’s away. Each sachet of Lola Remedios®
that you carry with you, is like your Lola’s “pabaon na alaga”.

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