About Lamig

Have you ever experienced a heavy feeling, but fully knowing that you’re not yet completely sick? That could be Lamig!

Lamig is the general feeling of unwellness or being under the weather.
Oftentimes, we express Lamig as: “mabigat at alanganing pakiramdam”, “masama ang timpla ng katawan”, “parang magkakasakit”, or simply “not feeling well”.


Some factors that could cause Lamig include:

  • Sudden or constant weather changes (init-lamig, init-lamig)
  • Exposure to rain
  • Too much exposure to cold

In as much as we want to avoid it, we are all prone to Lamig and its manifestations.


You’ll know that it could be Lamig if you experience the first signs of:

  • Heavy feeling
  • Body malaise
  • Muscle lumps typically felt at the back

Lamig is something you just can’t ignore. For Lamig, there is a just-right natural remedy that you could go to!

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Just Right Lamig Remedy

Lola Remedios® Food Supplement Syrup is your all-natural just-right Remedio sa Lamig! You don’t have to worry about side effects in the long-term as it gives a Soothing Relief from Lamig.


Lola Remedios® is a unique formulation inspired by our Lolas’ traditional remedies; but now blended in a convenient, ready-to drink sachet.

Lola Remedios® – Humahagod! Ginhawa!


Serving Size: One sachet of Lola Remedios® contains 15mL; one box contains 12 x 15mL sachets

Recommended Usage: Can be used as needed; approximately 1-3 sachets a day

Precaution: Not intended for pregnant and lactating women; and those with allergy to menthol flavors

Storage: Store away from sunlight and at a temperature not exceeding 30˚C

ASC REF. NO. K031P083117L

Get to Know Lola Remedios

Lola Remedios®. A Lola’s wisdom and love brought together in one Lamig remedy.

A LOLA’S WISDOM Close family ties and respect for elders are values deeply rooted in the Filipino culture. As such, grandparents hold a very important role in Filipino households: our reliable source of wise and practical information and advice.

Lola Remedios® knows that for Lamig, the just-right remedy would be the blend of traditional, all-natural ingredients that give relief from one’s “mabigat na pakiramdam”.

Lola Remedios® can be trusted because like our Lolas, it offers what’s just-right for us — never insufficient, never too much, never harmful.


When we get too caught up supporting and providing for our families; it is normal to grow tired and weary. In times like these, who cares for those busy taking care of their loved ones? Our Lolas!

Lola Remedios® cares for the whole family’s well-being that’s why she makes sure that she’s able to provide relief even when she is away. Each sachet of Lola Remedios® that you carry with you, is like your Lola’s “pabaon na alaga”.

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